Our mission is to provide a medical home and continuing primary health care to uninsured adults living  
or working at or below 200 % of the Federal poverty level on Johns, Wadmalaw or James Island  

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    Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic
    3226 Maybank Highway, Suite 1-A
    Johns Island, SC  29455 
  • Phone:  (843) 266-9800
  • Email:  barrierislands01@gmail.com


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Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic is an amazing example of what a group of volunteers have been able to bring about in order to provide free medical care to adults living at or below the 200% of poverty level on Johns, Wadmalaw or James Island.

We cover the following Medical specialties:

1.     Primary Care

2.     Orthopedic surgery

3.     Dermatology

4.     Ophthalmology

5.     Gynecology

We serve adults over age 18 who live, or work, on Johns, Wadmalaw or James Island, have no health insurance, Medicaid or Medicare and have household income at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.  Patients meeting the poverty levels are provided with medical care totally free of charge. 

34 physicians and 24 nurses who provide their services on a volunteer, non-paid basis provide medical care.  There are 15 volunteer interpreters, and 30 volunteer office staff already trained and in place.  In addition to our regular primary care practice, we also operate a weekly on-site orthopedic clinic, a bi-weekly dermatology clinic, a twice-weekly psychiatry clinic and a monthly ophthalmology clinic. 

The Clinic has a high-risk management program which is designed to control hyperlipidemia, hypertension and diabetes and we run a breast health initiative designed to give women over 40 mammograms and follow up care when medically warranted.  If needed, 19 off-site sub-specialty offices see clinic patients for free.

Medications are taken care of by the Clinic also.  Clinic doctors prescribe low cost generic medications and, when needed, help patients get free non-generic medications from the patient assistance programs of pharmaceutical companies.

If you have the opportunity to spend time at our Clinic, one is reminded of the famous line of anthropologist, Margaret Mead, who said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” This Clinic has changed the world for the 3,900 patients it has served to date, no small miracle indeed.

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